Sound healing. also known as sound therapy or vibrational medicine, helps to balance our fields of energy. It has long been revered for its calming effect and new research shows it also may have the power to restore health created by atrocities nd deficiencies in the body. Disease within the physical body occurs at the cellular and bimoleclar levels. In vibrational medicine, healing is said to extend from the molecular level to the cellular, and finally, to the anatomical. Sound therapy goes way beyond recorded music - the pure tones of the crystal carillon take healing to a whole new level.
In ancient Egypt, carillons were played in sacred chambers in order to tune into other states of consciousness, as well as for healing purposes. The bowl I use has been crafted from 100% pure Grade-A Quartz Crystal, and to specific harmonic measures - a modern discovery of an ageless wisdom practised by cultures who understood the power of vibrational healing. It is set in the "Key of David" (F sharp/G flat) and resonates at 444 Hz, creating  balance in the mind and body.
Experience this beautiful therapy with Revati.
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