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If you would like information about meditation and mindfulness, or want help in meditating, please call me. I have meditated regularly for more than 30 years and have received many benefits including increased clarity of mind, reduction in physical and emotional pain and stress, and a feeling of peace that all is well. During a particularly difficult time in my life, meditation was the one thing that I went back to time and again for peace. It helped me through a grieving process in a very positive way.
Meditation is an excellent tool for our well being and everyone can benefit.
Rewire your brain by practising regular
meditation or mindfulness
Enjoy the benefits of meditation - it helps to:
reduce stress
become more conscious within and without
increase your sense of well being
feel more connected to others, increase empathy
improve focus
improve relationships
increase memory
feel more at peace
overcome additions
improve cardio vascular health
lower blood pressure
improve the immune system
reduce physical pain
reduce emotional pain
increase creativity
generally deal with life more positively