Too often we underestimate the extraordinary power of touch; the smallest gesture of kindness. Revati has a special gift in her touch. She transfers her generous heart and soul and intuition as she takes you into her care. A beautiful experience. A unique and gifted massage therapist. Treat yourself!
Sassi, Bundanoon
I've had many massages with Revati. The touch and ease I felt throughout my body had a reverberating effect throughout my whole body and mind. I look forward to many more treatments... oh did I mention the healing sound of crystal bowls.
Domenica C, Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Revati is an exceptionally competent therapist, which is why we are delighted she works with our participants at the Quest for Life Centre.
Petrea King, Founder and CEO, Quest for Life  
 I can't thank you enough Revati. My hip has gone from pain that made it difficult to walk, to no pain and I'm confident it is because of your Reiki. Not everyone is as gifted as you and I think that's because of your beliefs and the way you think. Thank you so much.
Shane M, Bali
The massage that restores you - I so enjoyed the massage experience with Revati, it was a very peaceful and calming experience. You can ask for more pressure or less, and extra relaxing as you don't need to talk. Revati has 30 years experience and is very intuitive as she finds where your body needs the work. We finished with a few minutes of Reiki and I found that really helped me, and I'm now giving myself time for meditation, so overall it was a life changing experience.
Anne J, International Technical Advisor, Sydney
I love massage with Revati. It is an experience which leaves me rejuvenated, very relaxed and overall, feeling like a new person. Revati is a caring and understanding person and tailors the massage especially to my needs. An amazing experience and one that everybody should see Revati’s mastery for themselves. 
Svet P, Sydney
Being a mental health worker, I understand the significance of self care. A non-negotiable part of my self care - my regular deep tissue massages with Revati. Apart from her extensive and long term experience as a massage practitioner, Revati provides a holistic and person-centred healing space, proving both deep relaxation and rejuvenation.
Lisa W, Registered Psychologist, Bowral
I came to Revati with issues around depression and anxiety that I'd been struggling with since a teenager. Some of the things I've specifically looked at with Revati include theidentification and learning of techniques to address lack of self belief and chronic rumination. Revati's style of counselling has been more effective for me relative to traditional psychologists and cognitive behavioural therapy, due to a far more holistic approach and a high level of genuine compassion and understanding that have made me feel a lot more comfortable and understood.
Frank M NSW
I have been seeing Revati for counselling for a month now and her support and guidance has been so valuable. Receiving the combination of counselling and Reiki has helped me move through blocks and given me tools to navigate a difficult personal time. Revati's down-to-earth, kind and loving nature has helped me to fully open up without the fear of judgement, for deep healing to begin. I have never felt so safe and fully seen for who I am by a healer before. Most importantly, now I feel I have the capacity within myself to live my best life, as Revati has given me the gift of self belief and self healing.
RF, Southern Highlands
I am extremely grateful for each and every massage I have experienced with Revati. She is a warm, generous and compassionate soul. I am able to relax and concentrate on healing in her presence. Since I started seeing Revati, my lower back is improving and my legs have stopped aching at night. My favourite part is the face and head massage because it helps me relax my jaw which is constant pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia. I highly recommend Revati's healing hands. 
Sharyn, Kiama
Regular massages with Revati leave me radiant and relaxed. As a keen gardener, her healing hands provide relief for my lower back aches and sciatica. The sound healing is pure joy. I am so pleased to have met Revati and thoroughly recommend her services.
KJ, Moss Vale